The Benefits of Self-Guided Walking Tours

July 14, 2017 by
Alex hiking in Connemara
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Why take a self-guided walking tour instead of a guided tour? There are benefits to both, but our belief is that the benefits of self-guided walking tours outweigh those of a guided tour. 

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Benefits of Self-Guided Walking Tours


The independence that comes with a self-guided tour is greater than that of a guided tour, however less than that of travelling completely independently. Unless you’re completely cut out for it, travelling independently can be quite stressful with a lot of room for error.

With a self-guided tour, you get the feeling of independence along with the safety net of knowing that everything is organised and arranged for you.

People on a self-guided walking tour

Choice of Routes

With Hillwalk Tours’ self-guided walking tours, you have an incredibly wide variety of walking routes to choose from.

Not only that, but you also have a wide variety of choice within the walking routes themselves, being able to choose from gentle, moderate and challenging tours, allowing you to choose how far you walk each day!


Guided tours often tie you down to a date when there is a larger group of people going. With a self-guided tour, you can choose whatever day you want to start on. Our tours run from the beginning of March all the way until the end of October.

You’re also free to stop wherever you like, whenever you like and how often you like as well taking as many pictures as you like. The freedom of the tour is yours!

self-guided walking tour in nature


While there won’t be as much social interaction on a self-guided tour than on a guided tour, you’re far more free to interact with the locals of the area that you’re visiting. This provides a much more authentic experience, while also giving you the ability to choose when you want to interact, and who with.


The aforementioned stress of completely independent travel often comes with the worry of not finding suitable accommodation to stay in.

With a self-guided tour, your accommodation is fully booked from start to finish before you even start travelling. You’ll be assured of a comfortable place to rest your head after a day of travelling.

At Hillwalk Tours, we’ve personally verified the accommodation that we book for you, so you’re assured of the best quality.

Luggage Transfer

If you don’t fancy carrying your heavy suitcase with you as you travel, your luggage is transferred between your accommodation. This means you’re backpack-free until you need it.


The self-satisfaction the comes with completing a self-guided walking tour is far greater than that of a guided tour. You truly feel a sense of accomplishment as you have navigated your way along the trail of your choice.

Walking along a beach on a self-guided walk on the Dingle Way

The Eye In The Sky

The safety net of a self-guided tour is the most comforting aspect.

Hillwalk Tours offer a 24/7 emergency phone in case you have any problems along your hike.

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