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POSTED BY September 30, 2021

Looking for the ultimate hiking destinations? Look no further, here is our list of the best destinations for hiking in the world. From rolling hills to glacial valleys and much more, we hope that you will find hiking inspiration in our list.

1. Serra da Estrela, Portugal

The nature reserve around the highest mountain in Portugal consists of impressive glacial valleys, clear mountain lakes and meandering rivers. In winter you can ski here, but in summer the national park is a haven for hiking enthusiasts. With about 375 kilometers (233 miles) of signposted hiking trails, there is something to suit every type of walker.

2. The Cotswolds, England

This area in the heart of the English countryside offers a combination of breathtaking nature reserves, charming villages and pleasant walking routes. So get to know the coziness and traditional architecture of the towns in this southern English region. The Cotswold Way, for example, leads for more than 160 kilometers (100 miles) through these fairytale landscapes.

Cotswold cottage at sunset
Pretty thatched Cotswold cottage in the village of Stanton, Cotswold Way

3. Patagonia, Argentina / Chile

True adventurers will feel at home among the massive glaciers and volcanic peaks of Patagonia. After all, the southernmost tip of South America consists of rugged landscapes and untouched wilderness. In short: an ideal environment for taking breathtaking walks.

4. Transylvania, Romania

This mountainous area in Romania is best known for the horror stories about Dracula. At night, the castles of this region may look terrifying, but during the day it becomes clear that Transylvania consists mainly of beautiful nature. Hike through the mountains, forests and villages of this romantic Romanian landscape!

5. The Highlands, Scotland

The Scottish Highlands are a mountainous region encompassing northwest Scotland. There are a number of famous hiking long distance trails in this area including the Great Glen Way passing Loch Ness and the West Highland Way which brings you from just outside Glasgow, pass Loch Lomond into the Highlands to see highlights like the Glencoe Valley before finishing at the foot of Ben Nevis.

West Highland Way Hillwalk Tours Ltd.
Hiking The West Highland Way

6. Canadian Rockies, Canada

This vast mountain range in western Canada offers a tremendous amount of natural beauty. Enjoy the clear blue mountain lakes, snow-covered rock formations and rolling glaciers can be seen in the seven national parks of the Canadian Rockies.

7. Sicily, Italy

Climb an active volcano, amble through idyllic Italian villages and enjoy views of the shimmering surface of the Mediterranean… Sicily is certainly one of the ultimate hiking destinations in Europe . Unique landscapes and attractive Italian culture go hand in hand here.

ultimate hiking destinations 2019 sicily
Photo: Samuel Ferrara / Unsplash

8. Shikoku, Japan

A pilgrimage of about 1,200 kilometers (746 miles) passes 88 temples around this Japanese island. The full hike may be a bit much for the average hiker, but it is also quite possible to cover stages of the route. Because Shikoku is a sparsely populated island, nature still rules in many places. This is the ultimate hiking destination for those interested in mountains, forests and traditional temples.

9. Wicklow, Ireland

South of Dublin is arguably Ireland’s prettiest county. Because in Wicklow there are not only dramatic mountains and lakes, but also fascinating historical heritage. Glendalough is a sixth-century monastery village in the glacial valley of the same name. A round tower, a church building and a cemetery can be admired while walking the Wicklow Way.

Glendalough, Wicklow Way

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to 9 ultimate hiking destinations. If you’re interested in taking a hiking holiday, just get in touch.