The best gifts for hikers

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Looking for a suitable gift for a friend or family member? If they are hikers, look no further with this guide to the best gifts for hikers. Not only will they really appreciate these thoughtful items but a small part of you will be with them on their next hiking adventure.

Walkers passing an Oak Tree near Stanway, Cotswold Way

The top 10 gifts for hikers

# 1 – Hiking socks

You can never have enough hiking socks. On long hikes, good socks are almost as important as the right shoes. They absorb sweat, reduce friction and support the ankle. Waterproof socks are now even available for rainy days.

# 2 – Nature guides

Anyone who loves nature is happy to learn more about it. Nature guides describe the flora and fauna that you can get closer to on hikes. This not only conveys valuable knowledge, it also creates a different feeling of connectedness and admiration while hiking. The diversity and adaptability of nature and its inhabitants is impressive. Good nature books draw attention to this.

Sighting a rare bird or collecting berries and mushrooms will be a very special highlight on a future hike.

West Highland Way Hillwalk Tours Ltd.
Walking the West Highland Way to Loch Lomond, Scotland

# 3 – Thermos

A thermos bottle is a particularly practical gift. Hot tea not only sweetens the view of mountain peaks, a good thermos is also useful in everyday life. New models hold the temperature during pouring for up to eight hours and are suitable for cold and hot drinks. They are available with or without a matching mug from 20 euros.

# 4 – Neck warmer

Especially in winter, it is beneficial to keep your neck and neck warm. However, long scarves often do not fit into high-necked functional jackets. A neck warmer is the ideal solution when the wind whistles around your ears on long hikes and can also cover your mouth and nose at very low temperatures.

An ideal gift if you are unsure of the size of the recipient.

Hiking the Rob Roy Way

# 5 – Trial subscription

Receiving a package, letter or a nice magazine in the mail is one of the nice surprises of everyday life. With a (trial) subscription for a hiking or outdoor magazine, you can delight nature enthusiasts every month. Whether outdoor adventure, environmental protection or hiking and health, with the growing number of magazines there is something for every type of hiker.

# 6 – Water filter

Water filters are a great relief on multi-day hikes and camping trips. Instead of lugging around liters of water for the whole day, you can refill it at streams and springs and clean it if necessary.

Outdoor stores offer different models in different price ranges. Water filters are also a great gift for avid travelers when traveling in areas where water quality is questionable.

Glendalough, Wicklow Way

# 7 – Outdoor books

Books inspire, arouse wanderlust and introduce readers to fantastic worlds and landscapes. Books are a great enrichment and inspiration and therefore a fantastic gift, especially for hikers who are just exploring the outdoor world.

Whether non-fiction or novels, they share valuable knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for the different ways of being in nature.

Check out our blog post with the best books for hikers.

# 8 – Base layer

The “base layer” is the name given to clothing that lies directly on the skin. It is essential for storing body heat. A good base layer should never be made of cotton, as this material cools the skin down, which is highly undesirable when spending hours in nature. Wool or synthetic fiber are the right choice.

With a high-quality base layer made of merino wool or bamboo fiber, you will make hikers particularly happy in the long term.

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Walkers taking in the views on the Western Way, Connemara

# 9 – Fleece

A fleece is also ideal as a gift for outdoor friends. In contrast to hiking pants, a fleece does not necessarily have to be tried on before buying. As long as you can roughly estimate the body size of the recipient, it should be fine.

With a cozy fleece you can still enjoy snowy walks or day hikes in winter.

# 10 – Voucher

Vouchers are a great gift option for anyone with more than enough equipment and clothing. Or if you want to give away an experience instead of something material.

With a voucher you can enable outdoor fans to try out a completely new sport such as bouldering, mountain biking or kayaking. If your budget and familiarity with the recipient is correspondingly large, you can of course give away an entire hiking holiday.

The Seven Sisters, South Downs Way
The Seven Sisters, South Downs Way

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to the best gifts for hikers. If you’re interested in taking a hiking tour yourself, we have itineraries to suit all levels of experience.