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Find out how to download the Ultimate Guide to Hiking in Ireland eBook here. This includes “38-pages of insider information about the trails, the weather, the culture, the language, the food, the drink, the people and more…”

Here at Hillwalk Tours we’re delighted to announce the release of our brand new eBook, entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Hiking in Ireland.” Not only is this new guide jam-packed full of tidbits detailing the very best that Ireland has to offer to hikers, but the best part is that it’s completely free via the link in our website. Simply enter your name and email address to access your free download of the guidebook.

So, what exactly can you expect from our guide? Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll find inside its 38-pages of insider information, tips and handy hints.

The Trails

Ireland has plenty to offer in terms of well-waymarked hiking trails, and Hillwalk Tours offers packages that will see you journeying along the very best of them. Our new guide details 8 walking and hiking trails spread right across the country. From the desolate Sheep’s Head Way in Ireland’s extreme southwest over to the Wicklow Way just south of Dublin, there’s something for all fitness and experience levels.

What’s more, there are unique trails to suit all types of hikers as well, depending on what you’re interested in seeing along the way. Up in Northern Ireland there’s the Antrim Glens & Coastline trail, which is perfect for Game of Thrones fans. Meanwhile for history buffs there’s the Dingle Way back in the southwest, brimming with quaint towns, the ruins of famine villages and plenty of iconic photo spots. And that’s just a quick sample. Take a look at the full list to discover which trail is right for you.

Sheep along Hiking Trail in Ireland

The Weather

OK, yes, Ireland is famous for its weather, and unfortunately not always in a good way. However, it is precisely this unpredictable weather which offers up our amazing views and changing outlooks. For example, after a night of misting rain, you’ll be greeted by a beautifully foggy sunrise, followed by glorious sunshine and a nice sea breeze. Yes, it does rain, but often only as brief showers which quickly pass. How else do you think we are blessed with such vibrant green landscapes? It wouldn’t be the ‘Emerald Isle’ if the rainclouds dried up. And there’s a reason why we’re famous for rainbows! The best time to hike in Ireland is between March and October, and our 2019 eBook includes weather charts and provides tips on what to pack for different parts of the country and times of year.

Rainbows in Ireland

The Culture

Something else we’re known for here is our easygoing and laid-back nature. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself slipping into this relaxed mindset after only a few days on one of our walks. Escaping from the big city and hitting the trails is already a great way to refresh yourself and destress, and doing so in Ireland only helps strengthen this effect. Furthermore, while urban areas the world over are gradually becoming more and more indistinguishable from one another, it’s in the countryside that authentic culture lives on. Ireland’s rural trails will not disappoint if it’s traditional Irish culture you want to see. Find out more about what you can expect as you read through our new guide.

The Language

One element which makes up Ireland’s unique culture is the Irish language itself. Often referred to as Gaelic to differentiate between Scottish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic, you’ll find that once in Ireland nobody actually ever calls it Gaelic at all. Here it’s simply referred to as Irish, or ‘Gaeilge.’ Although the language was pushed out of all but the most remote pockets of the country thanks to Ireland’s tumultuous history, it has made a strong comeback in recent decades. Now a compulsory subject in school, Irish is becoming more readily used outside of Gaeltacht areas (designated Irish-speaking regions). Many of our walks pass through these Gaeltacht regions and our eBook has a quick list of basic and common phrases to assist you.

The Food

Traditional Irish food is not usually something you’d go out of your way to track down outside of Ireland. However, the focus on hearty, heavy, potato-centric meals is exactly what you’ll need after a good day of trekking along rugged trails. Yet in recent years Ireland has embraced the global trend towards fine dining as well. You’ll be surprised to find trendy cafes and posh eateries which have recently popped up in small towns and villages across the country, especially along the heavily touristed Wild Atlantic Way where many of our walks are located. Some of our small towns and of course our cities such as Galway now even boast Michelin Star restaurants as well, believe it or not!

The Drink

It goes without saying that the Irish enjoy a good drink. Guinness is synonymous with Ireland, as too is Irish whiskey. And speaking of Guinness, the stout really is quite different to your average beer. Apparently the old legend is true: the dark, frothy drink really does contain enough iron, protein and calories to sustain you for quite some time! Although the hefty drink beverage certainly can fuel your hikes, we of course don’t suggest surviving on it alone! Instead, why not sample the old staple at the end of the day, and perhaps one of the many designer ales from Ireland’s burgeoning craft beer scene as well. While you’re at it, make sure to check out a ‘trad’ music session at the pub if you’re after a real culture fix.

The People

Last but certainly not least, there are the people you’ll meet while venturing across rural Ireland. Not only will our hand-picked B&Bs offer you delicious food and drink along your journey, but they’ll also give you a chance to come into contact with some of the most welcoming and hospitable people you’ll ever meet. It’s no wonder why the Irish have a reputation as the friendliest people in the world, and your hosts along the way will no doubt welcome you with open arms. Whether it’s at your guesthouse, in the local pub in town, or along the trails, there’ll be plenty of banter to be had with us Irish who are always up for a good chat and a bit of craic.

Speed Limit Sign on the Beara Way in Ireland

That’s just a small sample of everything the new guidebook has to offer. The eBook also contains handy info such as equipment checklists, information on the best sights to see before and after your hike, and how the Hillwalk Tours self-guiding packages work.

Looking forward to seeing you out and about on Ireland’s hiking trails this summer and for more information, check out