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POSTED BY December 9, 2016

At Hillwalk Tours, we know that the place names of towns in Ireland can be difficult to pronounce. Do you pronounce the ‘G’ in Ballyvaughan? Nope.

And why does ‘Laois’ sound like ‘leash’, and not ‘lah-oh-iss’? Irish place names can be a tongue-twister at the best of times.

We’re sure that you’d like to able to tell your friends back home which towns in Ireland you actually visited during your hike, so we put together a little pronunciation guide.

Towns in Ireland

Dingle Way

Tralee – TRAH-lee

Cuas – Coo-Ass

Cloghane – Cloh-HAAN

Beara Way

Adrigole – Ah-dree-goal

Castletownbere – Castle-town-bear

Bere Island – Bear Island

Eyeries – Eye-REES

Lauragh –  LOWW-Rah

Wicklow Mountains

Clonegal – Clun-ee-GAUL

Tinehely – TEE-na-HEEL-ee

Marlay Park – Mar-LEE Park

Shillelagh – Shill-Lay-Lah

Laragh – Lah-Rah

Kerry Way

Killarney – Kill-ARE-nee

Glenbeigh – Glen-Bay

West of Ireland/Connemara

Inis Mór – Inish More

Oughterard – Oocht-err-ard

Maam Valley – Ma’am Vally

Leenane – Lee-NAAN

Drummin – Drum-IN

Antrim Glens and Coastline

Cushendall – Cushion-Dawl

Orra Beg – Or-a-beg

Sheep’s Head Way

Bantry – Ban-tree

Kilcrohane – Kill-crow-haan

Durrus – Durr-ass

Burren Way

Lahinch – LAH-hinch

Doolin – Doo-lin

Fanore – FAH-nor

Ballyvaughan – Bally-VAWN

Carran – Karen

Corofin – Coh-RO-fin


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We hope that you enjoyed this guide to Towns in Ireland: A Hillwalk Pronunciation Guide. If you’re interested in taking an Ireland hiking tour, we have the biggest range of itineraries available.