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Alex hiking in Connemara
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Our Camino Frances tours run from the start of March to the end of October, meaning that you get the very best of the weather on the Camino!

Weather on the Camino

Seasons on the Camino

Each season on the Camino will have different weather, so it’s useful to know in which season you will be walking. Below is a quick overview of which months fall into which season in Spain.

Spring – March, April and May

Summer – June, July and August

Autumn – September, October and November

Winter – December, January and February

Weather on the Camino in Spring

The cold from February tends to feed into March. The months of April and May can bring erratic weather behaviour.

When our Product Team walked the Camino in May 2017, starting in the hills of O Cebreiro, they started off in snow and walked into glorious sunshine – all in one day!

The weather on the Camino in spring brings life to the trail, with vegetation beginning their bloom and the birds in full song.

Many of the accommodations along the Camino will have re-opened after the winter breaks, and the route will begin to get busier towards mid-May.

Spring weather on the Camino

Weather on the Camino in Summer

June, July and August are the most popular months to walk the Camino. They are the warmest and sunnier months.

Longer days means people tend to rise with the early dawn and begin walking, in order to avoid the hottest heat of the day.

The Camino Frances is quite busy during the summer months meaning that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the camaraderie of the Camino.

Summer weather on the Camino

Weather on the Camino in Autumn

September and October combine relatively warm temperatures with a quieter trail, meaning this can be the best time to walk the Camino.

Leaves begin to change colours and the autumn rains begin.

This is a nature lover’s perfect time to walk as the weather on the Camino begins to turn…autumnal.

Autumn weather on the Camino

Weather on the Camino in Winter

The weather on the Camino in winter can make it a challenge for pilgrims to walk.

In higher regions, such as O Cebreiro, snow and ice can make walking more dangerous than usual.

Many accommodations will close for the winter making it difficult to find a place to stay.


We hope that you found this guide helpful and if you’re interested in a self-guided hiking tour on the Camino Frances, check out our website for more information.